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Hears the Diff: Artists You Need to Know About

What’s in a band name? You tell us after you see the 4 bands/people that we’re highlighting this week. Also, what’s going on Down Under? We sense a pattern, and you will too. Check out this week’s picks.

Chet Faker, aka Nick Murphy, is a bad dude, but in a good way. This Australian singer burst on the scene with his cover of Blackstreet‘s “No Diggity,” which if you have not heard it is as funk-fueled cool as you’re gonna get. In 2014, when Built on Glass, his debut studio album was released it exploded in Australia. It’s as good as it gets from the standpoint of: You’re in a dimly lit club, the vibe is right, the scenery is on point, the drinks are flowing with the conversation and Chet Faker is in your ear. Go get his music. You can find it a little bit more about him here.


You should listen to this Australian cat just based on his stage name: Dope Lemon aka Angus Stone. You know when you hear a song, and you make a mental note that what you heard was good and you need to find out who sang it. This is generally when we all press the Shazam app but anyway, we digress. How about when you hear another song, you Shazam it and you learn that it is the same artist from before? How about a third and fourth time? That’s this dude. If you’re into the Blues and Roots scene, he’s your guy. Different sound than most, has interesting lyrics and you’ll make friends when people hear you playing his music. Your entry points are the songs, Uptown Folks and Stonecutters. Marinade is a good one too.

Band names are weird. Not that we’re telling you anything you don’t already know but take this band, their name is Palace. What does that mean? Anyway, let’s not go down that rabbit hole. For starters, Palace is an Alt Rock and blues group from London. Start with the song Live Well. and from there just listen to the melodies, the guitars, and the piano. It’s easy on the ears and you could probably paint your whole house with them on in the background!

And last but not least, the most interesting band name to date. We give you, Bootleg Rascal, but don’t let the name fool you. They are legit and evolving fast. Here’s an example. You’re building a playlist, you add the first song and then the second. the third, and the fourth. Next thing you know you’ve just added the whole disc as a playlist. That’s what’s happening here. Especially with their 2021 release Sloppy Seconds. Start there and then check out their 2014 EP Psychotica. From a trending standpoint, they are, wait for it, from Australia! Music type you ask? To quote the group when asked how they would describe their music to their grandma?

“Good fun stuff you can bop along to while you’re baking a fresh batch of brownies.”

Now go getum!